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What is Digital Advertising?

You must have heard of digital marketing, right? And of Digital Advertising, Have you? In the most clear manner, digital advertising is part of digital marketing where it supports only promotion mix among the 4Ps of marketing. Digital advertising is a promotional strategy aimed to convince consumers why they need a specific product and why they should choose it above other options. Digital promotions are at the core of marketing communications, pushing out precise and meaningful advertising using popular platforms. If traditional ads aren't giving you the returns that you expected, then it’s time for the BIG CHANGE. Digital Advertising is generating 3X returns, what's stopping you? Digital advertising makes it easy to access your appearance on Google social media platforms, mobile applications, and different cross-platforms.

Our powerful Digital Advertising strategy

Deciding Perfect Promotion Channels.

Every advertisement needs a channel to reach its audience, and it is essential to know which channel and which campaign works most effectively for your business. We help you find the right platform with appropriate campaign plans.

Strategize Your Ads Campaigns

The campaign must define its goals and have some purpose to it. The company should be clear about their expectations for marketing campaigns, such as goals, target market, channels, budget, competitors, and so on, and after all of this is set up, the campaign is ready to run for your company.

Activate and Configure Live Ads campaigns.

Activation is the phase of turning your plan into action and also seeing whether your campaign actually performs as per the plan or not. Here all the actions are created, such as conversion rate, bounce rate, engagement level, ROI, etc. On the basis of this data, your business needs to monitor and analyze how things are going and ensure your plan stays organized and effective.

Monitor Campaign's Ads performance.

The campaign report includes a high level of overview of an ongoing or completed campaign, allowing you to analyze the health information by comparing the standard and actual performance, and it will provide you with visually interactive data; by using these reports, you will learn whether your campaign was successful or a failure.

Features of Digital Advertising

Online Visibility

Reach the Unreachable with the power of Modern Digital Advertising. Spread your Barand message where everyone is present.

Data backed

Data is the foundation of digital advertising. It helps to deal with what exactly is working and what not.Enhanced visualizations with modern tools. Data simplified for tangible actionables. Now, we help you to understand better.

Impact Instantly

Just like other forms of advertising , digital advertising also requires the advertiser (also known as the sponsor) to pay for the creation of the advertising message/content and creative, as well as for the purchase of advertising space or slots and the monitoring of advertising campaigns.

Measure and Scale

It is quite easy to say that digital advertising has won the race in terms of data collection and data tracking. Now, actions like the rate of engagement, reach, and conversion are highly measurable and can be used to calculate the cost and return of digital advertising.

Tailor made

It all depends on the business, what, how, and to whom they choose to show their ads. If it's all about their business preference, and if businesses share the motive of brand awareness, then the digital ads were designed in a general way to target a specific group of people.

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Mr. Bajhrachrya
I still remember, there was a time where I was so confident about my traditional way of marketing and was so stubborn to switch to digital marketing, but our Wizonbiz digital team depicted a number of results that really impressed me, and from there, I trusted the digital wizards to make my business not just a business but a brand. Thank your, Wizonbiz Team
Ms Poudel

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